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Product Description

Abandoned and left to die alone on the streets, our team rescued this poor emaciated Pitbull.

Yesterday we were was informed about a dog who's been tied to the side of the road without food or water for weeks if not months (looking at his condition). Our team reached the spot and we were shocked to see his state - he was all skin and bones, had multiple maggot wounds, covered in flies, in pain, dehydrated and we knew he had to come with us. We got him to our centre and named him - Buddy!

At our centre the first thing he did was have an entire bowl of water. We don't know how long he was out there in the scorching heat, without food and water. He is currently in a very bad state - all four paws have terrible deep maggot infested wounds, he is distraught, confused and clearly in lots of pain. He has no idea where he is or hoe he got there and he's been sitting in te corner all day wonder what he did wrong and why his family would leave him.

We don't know his history, we can't understand why anyone would leave their dog for any reason to suffer the way Buddy has been suffering. He has a long road to recovery but he's got us now and we know we have your support without which we won't be able to help him and give him the life he deserves.

Share this post to make Buddy's story heard, watch out for regular updates and to support his treatment you can donate here.


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